Her approach was highly creative, efficient and affordable.

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Lisa began managing the website for Mesa Energy beginning in 2009 and, as a result of the merger between Mesa Energy and Armada Oil, now manages the Armada Oil site.

During that time we have done at least two complete reconstructions of the site. Both times, her approach was highly creative, efficient and affordable.

She is very responsive to our needs and we highly recommend her.

Lisa was able to give not only advice on exploring different alternatives, but some specific ideas. I found this more helpful than the wishy-washy “how does this make you feel” I expected and that Lisa avoided.

Lisa came up with concrete ideas that I can start working on right away. After talking with her I realized that I already had explored some of the ideas, but then set them aside because I didn’t really know how to get started.

She also gave me other ideas that I hadn’t considered… but I think will work out also.

Lisa demonstrates quality, accuracy, and caring that makes me feel as though she works directly for me.

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