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There’s no one like Lisa

In four years of business we've worked and been supported by many different experts. None are like Lisa Tarrant.

I've never worked with someone so available, so professional and someone who cares about me and my business and making my life easier.

We love working with Lisa and don't know what I ever did in my business without her.

Iman Khan
Red Elephant

PERFECT website!

Lisa's work has left me speechless. She took the rebranding of my business and created a work of art. She designed the content message boldly, clearly, artfully. Her creative abilities shine through and make my site very unique, very me, very deliverable, and captures the viewers attention to keep reading all the pages. The addition of online scheduling booked 3 Discovery Sessions the first week!

Lisa is a wonder worker!

Lisa is a wonder worker, super fast and knowledgeable. At the same time, she has an eye and talent for design. After a false start with someone else and "blood, sweat and tears," I finally have a beautiful website I'm proud of. A huge 'thank you!' Lisa!

Dinah Lin

Lisa is my secret weapon

I was looking for a web designer to help me completely redesign and update my website. What a fantastic job she did taking my thoughts and creating pages that showcase my services in spectacular fashion. She will be the person I call when I add new publications and offerings to my website.

CEO. Executive Coach. Leadership Expert. Strategic Planner.

I simply cannot recommend Lisa more highly. She is absolutely outstanding at the magic she performs in building new websites and taking your organization to the next level. Through her efforts we were able to design two phenomenal websites. Throughout the entire process - Lisa was lightning fast in communications, made seamless transitions, and delivered the best websites we have ever had. She is also a tremendous resource in providing exceptional feedback. Don't hesitate. Hire Lisa today!

Todd H Mosher
Todd H Mosher LLC

Indispensable member of my team

Lisa has become an indispensable member of my team. She is thoughtful in sharing ideas and suggestions, and very quick to respond to my requests. She has a keen eye for design, which makes my business look polished and professional. She works hard and does great work!

Alida Zweidler-McKay
Leadership & Team Coach

Lisa is one of our secret weapons for making sure things happen.

I first was connected with Lisa when I needed a launch plan for my first online program. She helped me to lay out the calendar, timeline, materials, and just about everything else.

Since then, Lisa has become a valuable member of our team. Whether it's training new members on our systems, stepping in at the last minute to fix a sales page, or even remembering those little things I overlook, Lisa is one of our secret weapons for making sure things happen.

In all honesty, I don't know what we'd do without her. I'd recommend her to almost anyone, although I hesitate to say that as I'd love to keep her as Corporate Renegade's "best kept secret."

Matthew Goldfarb
Corporate Renegade

Working with her couldn’t have been easier

I worked with Lisa to redesign my website onto a WordPress platform I was so impressed with her efficiency and responsiveness. Working with her couldn't have been easier or more pleasant!

Dana Arkinzadeh
DMA Organizing

You will not find a better or more skilled professional

Lisa Tarrant is the most professional, responsive, and talented Website person I have ever worked with.  Ms. Tarrant provides invaluable expertise to assist you and she offers expert recommendations for improving your Website as well.  She responds in an astonishingly timely manner, makes requested technical changes with ease, and she has saved my Website more than once when technical issues threatened to derail it.  I highly recommend Lisa Tarrant as your Website person under every circumstance.  You will not find a better or more skilled professional.”

Sharon McCormick
Career Treasure

Food Science Consulting Services

Lisa did a great job helping me create my website. We had some back and forth for awhile because I had a certain look I was trying to achieve and Lisa was really patient in helping me get there. I am really happy with my final website and everything is functioning perfectly -- IE clients can now pay directly from my site via pay-pal, I have a newsletter set up-- and I can put in my own discount codes. Thank you Lisa!

Lisa is the person you want-

Lisa Tarrant was recommended to me by Barbara Winter, one of my career heroes. I contacted Lisa who explained her services to me and I knew she was the right person for me to work with due to her upbeat personality and can-do attitude. I have a new website for my business, and Lisa helped me by making suggestions that she and I implemented, with great results. Lisa is very responsive, skilled, and a great communicator who collaborates with you about options and strategies to utilize for your business needs. I am already very impressed, and I can't wait to see what else she can do to assist me with my website and business. Lisa Tarrant is the person you want when you require professional, competent assistance for your website or business!

She epitomizes the expression, “meet you where you are.”

Lisa Tarrant is nothing short of a miracle worker! She managed to guide me, over a period of time that would normally challenge anyone, with humor, insight, patience and skill. Lisa clearly knows how to customize her approach to each client's needs. I struggled for months to commit to the website, questioning each small step I would make and resorting to another lull in the action. Whenever I would muster up some courage to tackle it again, I would contact her and she invariably answered each call or email with a consistently pleasant and engaged response. She made me feel like it was absolutely okay to pick up where we left off, without any judgment.

I can't recommend her highly enough. She is everything you want when working one on one. She is efficient, responsive, quick to address questions and suggest ideas, leads when asked but is not pushy or dismissive of other's suggestions ... and the list of her good qualities go on.

She epitomizes the expression, "meet you where you are." I had a template and some very basic website knowledge when we connected. She worked with what I had in place and we continued to build upon that. This website is my first effort and I am very grateful that it is finally up! It is representative of who I am and what I want my business to be, thanks to Lisa.

Lisa is, simply, awesome!

Cecelia Hobbs Gardner
Guiding Arts LLC

Website Whisperer …

When I was introduced to Lisa I was a little nervous.

Could I articulate what I needed?
Would I be able to afford her?
Will our personalities be a fit?

Looking back now, I simply laugh.

Lisa is brilliant in ALL that she does.

Her ability to help you identify what you're trying to accomplish (even if you thought you knew already) is why I've given her the title of "Whisperer". She asks all the right questions and efficiently implements the solutions beyond any expectations you could have imagined.

She works within your budget AND your timeline. Yes, you read that correctly - a website contactor that delivers. {{who knew?}}

As for her personality? She embraces the meaning of "the customer is always right" and then makes you feel like a rockstar when your project hits a milestone.

Still not sure she's the one for you? Email me, we'll talk & I'll answer any question you may have!

April Welch
Flirting With Social

Lisa did a wonderful job!

Lisa helped me revamp my ten year old website for my training and consulting business. I wanted a more lively up-to-date site with better access for both me and my clients. Lisa did a wonderful job of pointing out what I needed to do and creating my new site for me. I love what she did! I intend to work with her more in the future!

Cheryl Allen
C Allen & Associates

Incredible Talent and Responsiveness

One of my friends (Lisa Montanaro) talked to me multiple times about her wonderful "Lisa." When it came time for me to add someone new to my team, I contacted Lisa Tarrant and after a 30-minute conversation, I knew she would be able to help with a big project I had that had been languishing. And she did! Within an hour of taking on this project and working on the website, I was blown away with her style and talent.

Since then, she has been working on several other projects and tasks and I am 100% pleased with her creativity and her responsiveness. I can easily recommend her (and have!) I look forward to continuing our work together!!

Meggin McIntosh, PhD
Emphasis on Excellence, Inc.

Lisa is a treasure.

Imagine having someone on your team who is fast, efficient and determined to deliver exactly what you want. If that's not enough, imagine that person being unfailingly cheerful and a joy to work with. And if, like me, you're not a technology sophisticate, imagine having someone who never makes you feel stupid. Lisa Tarrant is all that... and much more. Lisa is a treasure. Lisa rocks.

My main go-to person!

Lisa has been my main go-to person when I've made decisions on some web business tools because I know she is thorough in her own research, and she has always given me great advice I don't find anywhere else.

Steve Coxsey
Steve Coxsey

A Great Resource for Small Business Entrepreneurs!

I needed help to prepare some marketing materials on fairly short notice and limited budget. Lisa understood my needs and jumped on the project with enthusiasm. She knew how to take my images and really make them "pop!" She is smart, knowledgeable, and a pleasure to work with. I'm looking forward to working with her again on future projects.

Nan Lewis
Nan Lewis Jewelry

She is a vital part of my business team.

Lisa Tarrant has been my webmaster for over 5 years! She is a vital part of my business team. We have been through 2 website rebrands together, and both have been wonderful. She is easy to work with, creative, friendly, and has the skill set to get the job done. What I love the most about Lisa is how she is able to take your vision and turn it into reality in the form of a website. It is quite a gift! I am now in the process of launching an exciting new venture on the web and I am thrilled to have Lisa at the ready to help make it happen.

One of the most creative, dependable individuals I’ve ever known

I’ve known Lisa Tarrant for over five years, and have used her services to create and maintain two professional websites.  I have found her to be one of the most creative, dependable individuals I’ve ever known.

Not only does she listen to what I want, she uses her creative intelligence to improve on my ideas, when appropriate. She takes the time to really understand the intended message, the audience, and desired ambiance before going to work. She is knowledgeable about the web, special effects, and presentation.

Lisa is responsive to suggestions, changes, and customer satisfaction!  She verifies information throughout the process, making certain she is creating just what I had in mind, and often even better!

To work with Lisa is to have complete confidence she’ll get the job done in less time than most, and at a price that won’t have you gasping for air.  She also makes it easy to update the website as the market and/or services change. With Lisa on your team, you’ll be grateful you cried, “Help Me Lisa!”

Charla Swift
Charla Swift

Responsive, Creative, Friendly

What a great experience working with you! We had a website up and ready in no time. The changes we requested were done immediately and most effectively. Thank you for your professionalism and talent.

Linda Keefe
SharedMomentum, Inc.

I love what she did for my site

I asked Lisa for help on three tech stuff items and she did so almost instantly. Three little tech tweaks then became a site "polish" and "refresh". Lisa suggested polish and refresh; what she delivered was "pop" and "wow". The result was greater than expected. All I can say is I love what she did for my site and thank you, thank you, thank you. Lisa has made the marketing of Tiny Saddles easier and I am extremely proud of her results. And yes, Lisa is my only person for any tech issues.

Bob Jones
Tiny Saddles

One of the most sincere people I have met.

"There is so much good to say about Lisa that I don't really know where to begin.

For starters, she is one of the most sincere people I have met and incredibly competent in all areas of the internet and website management/design.

And she is so kind and patient when it comes to explaining things, which I appreciate immensely! In addition, although she lives across the country, she feels so accessible because she always responds to requests in a timely manner and just plain gets the job done. What more can we ask? I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Tom & Toby Monte

I can always count on her

I have been working with Lisa for the last four years.  She's helped me with my website, my newsletter, and most recently with sending out notices for my free teleseminars.  I can always count on her to be there for me in a timely manner and to do an excellent job on whatever she creates. I don't know what I would do without her.  I would recommend her services to anyone.

Colleen Russell, MATP

We would not use anyone else

We have been working with Lisa Tarrant for several years and have been thrilled to do so.

She designed, created and manages our website-the Dan Kane Singers. This is an active site that has constant changes that need to be implemented in order to be successful as it is an entertainment based site. Her expertise and service is tops!

Lisa is so cheerful, knowledgeable and is an absolute pleasure to work with; we would not use anyone else. I happened to be a tech failure, and Lisa has patiently guided me through several learning curves since our business relationship took off.

To anyone even considering developing a more creative and better executed website, Lisa is definitely the one that can help you, I promise! She is simply…THE BEST.

She truly cares about my business and is invested in my success.

I first met Lisa Tarrant three years ago when I was planning a project with a colleague with whom Lisa was working. Lisa and I worked closely together, and I was immediately impressed by her professionalism, skill, attitude, and work ethic. She was patient, responsive, and a pleasure to work with.

When I started my own business, I immediately asked Lisa to come on board. Unfortunately she didn't have an opening in her schedule at that time. I was so disappointed, as I knew she would be the perfect fit for my business. A couple of years later when Lisa had an opening, I jumped at the chance to work with her. Boy, what a difference she has made in my business and frankly, in my life!

The minute we started working together I breathed a huge sigh of relief. As Lisa became familiar with my business, she took on more and more responsibility, freeing up time I hadn't had in ages.

I honestly don't think there is anything she can't do, and she approaches everything will a positive attitude and can-do spirit.

She is incredibly knowledgeable in her field and is always there to provide resources or suggestions for how I can be more efficient and effective. She is amazingly responsive and interfaces beautifully with my clients.

Lisa embodies everything I could ever ask for in an assistant. She truly cares about my business and is invested in my success.

The best part about working with Lisa is that I never have to worry about anything. She has given me a great sense of confidence...that tasks will be performed efficiently and properly, that my systems are in place and are in great working order, and that I can count on her to be by my side helping me with whatever arises.

She’s a blessing to have on any team.

Lisa is a very dedicated hard worker. It constantly blows my mind how quick she is to whip up a solution, write a bit of CSS or come up with a quick graphic just in the nick of time. She's a blessing to have on any team.

Daniel Deyette 

She’s an Invaluable Resource for Me

I’ve known Lisa for over 15 years and in that time she has been an invaluable resource for me. Whether it’s a Marketing Project, Website management and design, some quick advice on a project or my own personal career advice. Lisa is my ‘go to’ when I don’t have an answer or resource at hand. If Lisa can ‘t do the job, she will find someone who can. She is highly professional, easy to work with and very flexible. I would not hesitate to recommend her.

Lisa is the real deal.

Lisa’s company name is so apt because as a total techno-dummy I have been hollering “Help Me Lisa!” for over 10 years now. In fact, I was Lisa’s first client.

I could write pages about our time together and the host of ways Lisa has proved invaluable in growing my business to multiple six figures. Suffice it to say -- you want someone who will go above and beyond, someone who understand technology and can solve problems in her sleep, AND who has a great marketing and entrepreneurial mind… look no further. Lisa is the real deal.

Dr. Valerie Young
Changing Course

She’s dedicated, resourceful and trustworthy.

I can’t say enough good things about Lisa!

She not only has my best interest at heart, but also has the technical know-how and savvy to make things happen, on time, and without my worrying about the details. As an entrepreneur with multiple businesses, I consider her a lifesaver.

She’s dedicated, resourceful and trustworthy. She’s also wonderful with clients, vendors, and team members who need direction.

I highly recommend Lisa – she’s not only a great problem solver, and virtual assistant, but an incredible person to help lead your team.

Robin Samora
Robin Samora Inc.

Her approach was highly creative, efficient and affordable.

Lisa began managing the website for Mesa Energy beginning in 2009 and, as a result of the merger between Mesa Energy and Armada Oil, now manages the Armada Oil site.

During that time we have done at least two complete reconstructions of the site. Both times, her approach was highly creative, efficient and affordable.

She is very responsive to our needs and we highly recommend her.

Randy Griffin, CEO
Armada Oil, Inc.

What would I do without Lisa...She is a Godsend!

Ian Johnson
Los Chileros

Lisa was able to give not only advice on exploring different alternatives, but some specific ideas. I found this more helpful than the wishy-washy "how does this make you feel" I expected and that Lisa avoided.


Lisa came up with concrete ideas that I can start working on right away. After talking with her I realized that I already had explored some of the ideas, but then set them aside because I didn't really know how to get started.

She also gave me other ideas that I hadn't considered... but I think will work out also.

Deb Floria

Lisa demonstrates quality, accuracy, and caring that makes me feel as though she works directly for me.

Antonio Bastos

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