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Get Lisa. Need some tweaking or maybe even a major overhaul on a section of your website? Get Lisa. Don’t have the time or skills to get it done? Get Lisa. Need to add some video or pics in a very special way? Get Lisa. Want the look of a mega-bucks website but don’t have quite the mega-bucks to spend? Get Lisa. That’s what I did, I got Lisa. And now, my website speaks for itself. She’s the BEST!

Indispensable member of my team

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Lisa has become an indispensable member of my team. She is thoughtful in sharing ideas and suggestions, and very quick to respond to my requests. She has a keen eye for design, which makes my business look polished and professional. She works hard and does great work!

CEO. Executive Coach. Leadership Expert. Strategic Planner.

I simply cannot recommend Lisa more highly. She is absolutely outstanding at the magic she performs in building new websites and taking your organization to the next level. Through her efforts we were able to design two phenomenal websites. Throughout the entire process – Lisa was lightning fast in communications, made seamless transitions, and delivered the best websites we have ever had. She is also a tremendous resource in providing exceptional feedback. Don’t hesitate. Hire Lisa today!

You will not find a better or more skilled professional

Lisa Tarrant is the most professional, responsive, and talented Website person I have ever worked with.  Ms. Tarrant provides invaluable expertise to assist you and she offers expert recommendations for improving your Website as well.  She responds in an astonishingly timely manner, makes requested technical changes with ease, and she has saved my Website more than once when technical issues threatened to derail it.  I highly recommend Lisa Tarrant as your Website person under every circumstance.  You will not find a better or more skilled professional.”

Lisa is my secret weapon

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I was looking for a web designer to help me completely redesign and update my website. What a fantastic job she did taking my thoughts and creating pages that showcase my services in spectacular fashion. She will be the person I call when I add new publications and offerings to my website.

There’s no one like Lisa

In four years of business we’ve worked and been supported by many different experts. None are like Lisa Tarrant.

I’ve never worked with someone so available, so professional and someone who cares about me and my business and making my life easier.

We love working with Lisa and don’t know what I ever did in my business without her.

Working with her couldn’t have been easier

I worked with Lisa to redesign my website onto a WordPress platform I was so impressed with her efficiency and responsiveness. Working with her couldn’t have been easier or more pleasant!

PERFECT website!

Lisa’s work has left me speechless. She took the rebranding of my business and created a work of art. She designed the content message boldly, clearly, artfully. Her creative abilities shine through and make my site very unique, very me, very deliverable, and captures the viewers attention to keep reading all the pages. The addition of online scheduling booked 3 Discovery Sessions the first week!

Lisa is a wonder worker!

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Lisa is a wonder worker, super fast and knowledgeable. At the same time, she has an eye and talent for design. After a false start with someone else and “blood, sweat and tears,” I finally have a beautiful website I’m proud of. A huge ‘thank you!’ Lisa!

Lisa is one of our secret weapons for making sure things happen.

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I first was connected with Lisa when I needed a launch plan for my first online program. She helped me to lay out the calendar, timeline, materials, and just about everything else.

Since then, Lisa has become a valuable member of our team. Whether it’s training new members on our systems, stepping in at the last minute to fix a sales page, or even remembering those little things I overlook, Lisa is one of our secret weapons for making sure things happen.

In all honesty, I don’t know what we’d do without her. I’d recommend her to almost anyone, although I hesitate to say that as I’d love to keep her as Corporate Renegade’s “best kept secret.”

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