Hi there!

It’s nice to meet you!

LisaTarrantI’m happy to share a little bit about my story with you. After all, if we’re going to work together, you need to know who you’re working with!

For years, I’ve been the “go to” person. You know the type…

If you’re overwhelmed, straining to meet a deadline, respond to an opportunity,  need to get a project done, or are just not sure how to do something, you go to this person for help, advice or resources. And, if they don’t know the answer, they typically can point you in the right direction.

When people used to ask the question “What do you want to be when you grow up?” I had no answer, and often used examples of what my older siblings were doing for their occupations. I never could see myself doing any of those things, but I didn’t have a passion for any job that I could think of.

I followed the traditional path of high school, college and entered the “grown up” work force by getting a customer service job. It definitely wasn’t my passion, it wasn’t even an interest, but I figured it would pay the bills until the job I really wanted came along. I had a knack for learning things and changed jobs several times within that organization over the next 14 years.

By the time I was sliding into my 15th year there, I felt stagnant. I had held most of the positions in that company, and the current owner had turned into a micro-manager. It’s not that I have a problem with authority. It’s that I have a problem with not being allowed to do a job, not being trusted, and, most importantly, not growing as an individual.

So, I started looking for other jobs, and got a few offers, but it just felt like I would be replaying the last 14 years all over again. None of those jobs offered me anything that made my eyes light up and my heart dance. I felt like I was at a dead end with no way to move forward, only left, right or backwards.

I realized that what I enjoyed most about my job was helping people – fixing things, providing solutions to problems.

You see, whether you’re looking for someone to brainstorm ways that you can make a living doing work you LOVE, you need some help giving your new business the polished look it deserves, or you just need some help moving your business to the next level, I will offer the attention to detail that you deserve. I’ve even turned down work because I felt that someone else could assist the client more than I could. Time and money are precious – more so now than ever – and I refuse to waste yours or mine!

No matter where you are in your journey, I’ve got the knowledge, tools and resources to help you. So, let me help you.